Bishnoi community

  • The Bishnoi community belong to a Hindu religious sect.
  • They are found in the Western Thar Desert and some northern states of India.
  • They trace their origins to the teachings of Guru Jambhesvara who was born to a Panwar Rajput family in 1451 AD at Peepasar village of Nagore district in Western Rajasthan.
  • They strictly forbid the harming of trees and animals.
  • They believe in protecting the environment and can die doing it so.
  • The person of this community are inspired and gets inspiration from Amrita Devi, a Bishnoi woman who was killed in 1730 while trying to protect a grove of khejri trees.

Latest News about the Bishnoi community

  • People from the Bishnoi community are protesting against the “widespread” felling of Khejri trees for installing solar power plants in Rajasthan.


  1. Hindustan Times

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In 1730, a Bishnoi woman named Amrita Devi was killed while trying to protect a grove of khejri trees.


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