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Current Affairs and More...

News Feed

All posts uploaded by mentors from your connections and Following pages appear on the feed. You can like, comment on posts and even report if it’s irrelevant.

Connect with Aspirants...


Connect and Message fellow aspirants for group study. Follow other profiles like mentor pages for updates related to UPSC exams.

Organised into subjects...


Anyone can Join Groups created ONLY by mentors. Groups are divided into different categories and each group has dedicated Forums, Posts, etc.

Discuss Topics Together...


Anyone can open and close Discussions about Forum-related topics and find answers. You can also subscribe to and favourite forums.

Encyclopedia and More...

UPSC Pedia

UPSC Pedia is an encyclopedia for UPSC Civil Services. All the topics will be in a clear, easy to understand format. Also, Search any topic though filterable search bar.

word and its meanings...

UPSC Dictionary

UPSC Dictionary provides simple meanings of difficult words with examples in the context of the UPSC Civil Services Examination.

What's happenning when...

UPSC Calendar

UPSC Events and Days is page where all the events, National and International Days related to UPSC Civil Services are posted!

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Frequently asked Questions

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Why Do I Need UPSC World
  • Many UPSC Aspirants avoid social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc as they are major distractions.
  • But, these platforms are useful to stay updated on what’s happening around the world.
  • To solve this problem, we come up with a solution called “UPSC WORLD” – An Exclusive social media community platform for UPSC CSE Aspirants and mentors.
  • Read more about us.
Why is UPSC World paid?
  • UPSC World is a NOT a FREE website (Mobile APP Coming soon).
  • The platform and its features are available only to registered users. Sign up now.
  • To manage the increasing costs of website maintenance, including hosting, domain registration, storage, plugins, backups, email, and technical support, we’ve transitioned to a paid platform model.
  • Users are divided into Aspirants and Mentors. By default all subscribers are aspirants.
  • You can upgrade your profile to mentor (Mentor, Page, Coaching Centre) by Clicking here.
How To Register on UPSC World

To avoid anonymity and spam, we restricted this site only to registered users. If anything goes wrong, we can control that.

  1. Go to “Subscribe” Page
  2. Fill the form by entering the details like your Email, Username, Phone Number, First name and last name.
  3. Select the Plan “Lifetime Plan”.
  4. If you have discount coupon, enter the coupon and click “Apply“.
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What Is The Difference Between Aspirant And Mentor In UPSC World
  • In UPSC World, Users are majorly divided into two types: ‘Aspirants’ and ‘Mentors’.
  • An aspirant is the one whose main focus is to crack the exam. So, a few features like post updates, uploading media, creating groups, blue tick verification, etc are unavailable to aspirant profiles.
  • A mentor may be an institution, individual tutor or a page whose focus is to teach others through their posts, photos, groups, etc.
  • By default, everyone is registered as an aspirant. 
  • You can upgrade your profile to mentor (Mentor, Page, Coaching Centre) by Clicking here.
I Have A Question Not Listed Here. Where Can I Ask You My Question
  • We have a full FAQ page for UPSC World. You can click here or the see more FAQs button below.
  • If your question isn’t listed there, you can see our Full Blog page here. You can even CONTACT US for more info.

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