Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

General questions about the platform answered!


You can change your email anytime you want and you’ll not lose any data.

Simply go to your Account > Login information > Account Email > Change your new email and click “save changes”.

Don’t Forget to verify your email.

On the safe side, Export your data. That’s it!

You can change your password very easily.

Simply go to your Account > Login information > Add your New Password and confirm your new password and click “save changes”.

Don’t Forget to verify your email.

You can delete your account.

Simply go to your Account > Delete Account> Confirm Delete.

Note: Deletion is Permanent and can’t get back your data. If you want. you can “export your data” before deleting it. 

Sometimes delete option may be unavailable. In that case, please contact us.

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If you’re getting spam messages or disturbed by anyone.

You can easily block them.

Simple go to their Profile, on the top right click three dots (…) and select “Block”.

You’ll get a popup to confirm your action.

Confirm to block.

If you wish to unblock, go to your Account > Blocked Members > Select the member > Unblock.

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You can easily Export your data on the UPSC World.

Go to Your Account > Export Data > Request data export.

We’ll review it and mail the ZIP file of your data.

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Like Facebook Feed, News Feed is the place where you see all the updates from the community.

You can Post updates or follow others who post updates.

Groups are communities within the community for the people restricted by the organiser of the group.

Groups also have separate forum discussions.

Mentors can create groups and anyone can request access to the group and follow.

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Forum discussion is the place where users discuss, learn or share their answers to the questions.

The discussion usually occurs by means of organised topics.

Anyone can open a discussion regarding a particular forum.

You can also subscribe to any forum discussion to get notifications.

In UPSC World, ONLY connected people can send messages to each other.

That means you need to be connected with the person to send messages.

Anyone can request a connection to anyone.

This is to avoid spam messages.

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Everyone on the platform gets a dedicated profile.

Here, everything about you like your posts, photos, groups, forum discussions, etc will be available in different tabs.

You can see everything and organise it from your profile.

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Currently, aspirants will only be able to interact (Like, comment, bookmark, etc) with already updated posts.

Only PRO profiles like Mentors, Pages, and Coaching centres can update posts, upload media, get blue tick verification, Create Groups, and no ads. 

You can upgrade your profile by clicking here.

If you still have any doubts, feel free to contact us.

Bluetick verification shows credibility, authenticity and popularity.

Only the Valid Mentor profile gets blue tick verification.

In order to get verified, you need to first upgrade your profile to PRO. click here to upgrade now.

Currently, there is no mobile app for UPSC World. It is coming soon.

Notifications will be delivered to you through chrome notifications or emails.

We recommend you turn off unnecessary emails.

Go to Click on your name > Account > Preferences > Click NO > save changes.


UPSC WORLD is a Social Media Platform Exclusively for UPSC Civil Service Aspirants.

You can post updates, media and create groups, forum discussions or FOLLOW others who create posts.

You can also send secured text messages to your connections.

Many UPSC Aspirants avoid social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc as they are major distractions.

But, they are needed to stay updated on what’s happening around the world.

To solve this problem, we come with a solution called “UPSC WORLD” – An Exclusive community for UPSC CSE Aspirants.

It is absolutely FREE.

Anyone can access the basic features of the platform like viewing posts, groups, etc. To get full features you need to have an account on the website. 

Creating an account is very easy and takes a maximum of 2 minutes. Also, you can create using Google or Facebook.

Only a Signed up user gets access to their profile and extra features.

A dedicated profile and almost all features require a profile to know who is doing what.

This is to avoid spam and to respect the privacy of others.

Anyone can easily register for Free here.

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Frequently Asked Questions UPSC World

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