CSA6 Gene

CSA6 Gene
  • CSA6 Gene has been identified in Candida albicans, a fungal species.
  • In a recent study, researchers carried out a large-scale screen to identify regulators of chromosome stability in C. Albicans, a clinically relevant fungal model system.
  • They individually screened the effect of overexpression of more than a thousand genes of C. Albicans on genome stability and were successful in identifying a set of six chromosome stability (CSA) genes that are important for maintaining genome integrity.
  • Five of the CSA genes identified in the study are known to be important for cell division in other species.
  • The sixth CSA gene, named CSA6 encoded for a protein that is essential for viability in C. Albicans.
  • They found that CSA6 was a critical regulator of cell cycle progression wherein both overexpression and deletion of CSA6 lead to reduced growth of C. Albicans cells.

Why in news?

  • A newly identified gene can hold the key to preventing the fungal infection Candidiasis which often affects intensive-care unit (ICU) patients, cancer patients and patients receiving immunosuppressive therapy.


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