a horse with ten horns depicting decacorn in the background
  • Decacorn are private firms whose value exceeded over ten billion USD.
  • They are startup companies. They are valued for their potential growth and not for their financial performance.

When a company is not called decacorn?

  • A company that is acquired by another company cannot be called Decacorn.
    • For instance, the value of Flipkart is more than 10 billion USD. However, Walmart has acquired Flipkart. So Flipkart cannot be called Decacorn.
  • A government company cannot be called Decacron.

Interesting Facts about Decacoon

  • In 2007, Facebook became the first decacorn in the world. It became a decacorn after Microsoft invested 240 million USD in Facebook.
  • Alibaba of China was the second decacorn. It achieved the status in 2009.
  • Currently, there are around 51 decacorns in the world.
  • A company can also lose the decacorn tag if its valuation drops below 10 Billion USD.

What is the difference between Unicorn, Decacron and Hectocorn?

  • Unicorn is a Company with a value of more than 1 billion USD
  • Decacorn is a Company with a value of more than 10 billion USD
  • Hectocorn is a Company with a value of more than 100 billion USD.
  • It is important to note that all these are privately held companies and are not listed on the stock market.

Latest News about Exercise Paschim Lehar:

  • Recently, Swiggy becomes decacorn, valuation crosses $10.7 bn in new funding round.
    • It became the fourth Indian company to earn the tag. The other three companies are Paytm, Oyo, and Byjus.


  1. Business standard
  2. Good Returns

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