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    23 November 2022 at 9:49 PM

    Arguments for using Social Media by public Servants

    1. Public interaction: Continuous connectivity between officers and citizens, which helps in quick problem-solving and hassle-free administration.
    2. Accountability: Through Social Media, officers portray their life – thus there are chances of being scrutinized at every point.
    3. To gather information and public help.

    Arguments against using Social Media by public servants

    1. Against Oath of Secrecy: Public servants take an oath of office allegiance before their assumption of duty because the government wants disciplined, loyal, honest and more like robotic (zombie) workers.
    2. Against Anonymity: Civil Servants give advice to ministers. The advice they give needs to be given both freely and also without fear of adverse public or political reactions and without fear of future career damage.
    3. Gain public support for personal purpose/fame.

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