Ghatiana Dwivarna

Ghatiana Dwivarna for UPSC
  • Ghatiana Dwivarna is the name of a new species of crab andis derived from a Sanskrit word ‘dwivarna’ which means two-colored.
  • This bright hued crab is the 75th fresh water crab of the Western Ghats.
  • It is a hyperactive, but equally shy creature.
  • It feeds mainly on algae but also eats small insects of the mosquito family.
  • The ‘Kunabi’ tribe that is native to this region knew of this crab already.
  • It is a venomous crab and is definitely non-edible species of crab.
  • The size of a full grown female is 29 x 15 mm while the male is 24 x 13 mm.

Latest News about Ghatiana Dwivarna

  • Gopal Krishna Hegde, a wildlife enthusiast and photographer, found Ghatiana Dwivarna, a freshwater crab that lives under small rocks in the dense forests of the Western Ghats of Karnataka.


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