Inland Drainage

  • Inland Drainage is a river or stream that does not reach up to the sea and constitutes inland drainage.
  • These rivers are mostly present in the drier regions of the country like Western Rajasthan, Ladakh and Aksai Chin etc.
  • Ghaggar River is the most important example of inland drainage.
  • It is a seasonal stream rising from the lower slopes of the Himalayas and is said to flow on the dried bed of the ancient river Saraswati.
  • It forms the boundary between Punjab and Haryana for much of its length and gets subsumed in the Rajasthan desert.
  • Another such river is Luni, which is the largest river in Rajasthan.
  • It originates near Pushkar and flows South-West of Aravallis till it reaches Rann of Kutch.

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Luni River

Luni River also known as the Salt River (Lonari or Lavanavari in Sanskrit) is named so because its water is brackish below Balotra.

Its source lies to the west of Ajmer in the Aravalli range, Rajasthan.

It is the only river basin of any significance in Western Rajasthan, which forms the bulk of the arid zone.


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