Innermost inner core

Innermost inner core upsc
  • The new layer is a solid metallic ball of nickel and iron and is deep inside the inner core of Earth.
    • Therefore, it is dubbed the “innermost inner core”.
  • The ‘innermost inner core’ may be an iron ball with a radius of about 650 kilometres inside the inner core.
  • It is solid due to high pressure deep within the Earth that stops iron alloy from melting.
  • First hypothesised about 20 years ago, it was identified through data gathered from seismic waves caused by earthquakes.

Significance of the Fifth layer

  • Provide information on past events on Earth that happened hundreds of millions to billions of years ago.
  • Provide a new way to probe Earth’s inner core and its centremost region.
  • Provide information about the evolution of the earth’s magnetic field etc.

The Four Layers of the Earth

So far, four layers of Earth’s structure had been identified. This includes:

  1. Crust
    • It is the topmost or outermost layer of Earth, which makes up 1% of Earth’s Volume.
    • It has two parts – a thinner Oceanic Crust and a thicker Continental Crust.
  2. Mantle
    • Solid/plastic layer of earth which makes up about 84% of Earth’s Volume.
    • It is divided into two parts – Upper Mantle and Lower Mantle.
    • The uppermost mantle and crust constitute the lithosphere.
  3. Outer core
    • The liquid portion of the core
    • It is composed of 80% iron along with nickel and some other lighter elements.
  4. Inner core
    • The solid portion of the core,
    • It is composed of Iron and nickel with the presence of heavy elements like gold, platinum, palladium, silver and tungsten.
    • It was believed that it was the hottest and densest of all layers.
      • However, this new layer is denser than the other two cores.

Interesting Facts about Earth’s Layers

  • Scientists can drill holes to study the earth’s crust but in order to study deeper layers they must study seismic waves.
  • Iron and nickel are considered the two major components found on the earth’s core.
    • It is believed that 80 per cent of the earth’s core is made of iron.
  • There is enough gold in the core of Earth to cover the entire surface of the Earth in a 4-meter thick layer.
  • The layer of the earth’s crust covering the entire planet is referred to as the “sima”.

Latest news about Innermost inner core

  • 01 March 2023:
    • A team of researchers has found evidence of a new layer of the planet sitting within the inner core.
    • According to seismologists from The Australian National University (ANU), data gathered from seismic waves caused by earthquakes has shed new light on the deepest parts of the Earth’s inner core.


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