a man with costume depicting Kathakali in the background
  • Kathakali (story play) is one of the eight classical dance forms of India.
  • It is a blend of dance, music and acting and dramatises stories, which are mostly adapted from the Indian epics.
  • It took shape in Kerala in southern India in the seventeenth century.
  • It derives its textual sanction from Balarama Bharatam and Hastalakshana Deepika.
  • Kathakali symbolizes sky or ether.
  • A traditional performance of Kathakali starts in the evening after preliminaries that include invocatory drumming on the Maddalam and concludes only at daybreak.

Latest News about Kathakali

  • The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has expressed deep grief over the demise of noted Kathakali dancer Milena Salvini.


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