Kosi River

  • The Kosi River consists of seven streams, namely, Sun Kosi, Tamba Kosi, Talkha, Doodh Kosi, Botia Kosi, Arun and Tamber.
    • Thus, it is popularly known as Saptkaushiki or Sapta Kosi.
  • It is a river in Nepal and northern India.
  • Seven rivers mingle with each other to form three streams named the Tumar, Arun and Sun Kosi.
  • Then all three streams unite at Triveni north of the Mahabharat Range to form the Kosi.
  • The Kosi joins Ganga in the Katihar district of Bihar.
  • Kosa is also known as “the sorrow of Bihar” as this causes the flood in the region.

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