Language Friendship Bridge

Language Friendship Bridge UPSC IAS
  • Language Friendship Bridge is a special project envisaged by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR).
  • Aim:
    • to train five to 10 people in the official languages of each of these countries.
    • to expand its cultural footprint in nations with which it has historical ties, including those in its immediate neighbourhood.

What are the Languages covered?

  • As of now, the ICCR has zeroed in on 10 languages:
    • Kazakh, Uzbek, Bhutanese, Ghoti (spoken in Tibet),
    • Burmese, Khmer (spoken in Cambodia),
    • Thai, Sinhalese and Bahasa (spoken in both Indonesia and Malaysia).

What is the need for Language Friendship Bridge?

  • In India, the focus till now has been on learning European languages such as Spanish, French and German, along with the languages of major Asian economies such as China and Japan.
  • India requires translators, interpreters and teachers in the languages of these countries with which it shares a cultural history.

Latest News

  • 11 April 2023:
    • The Indian Council for Cultural Relations is planning to create a pool of experts in languages spoken in countries such as Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan and Indonesia to facilitate better people-to-people exchanges.


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