Tanguturi Prakasam

tanguturi prakasam
  • Tanguturi Prakasam Panthulu (23 August 1872 – 20 May 1957) was a Freedom fighter, lawyer & politician.
  • He served as the chief minister of the Madras Presidency and was a member of the Constituent Assembly.

Interesting Facts about Tanguturi Prakasam panthulu

  1. He became the first chief minister of the erstwhile Andhra state during 1953-54, created by the partition of Madras State along linguistic lines.
  2. He was popularly known as “Andhra Kesari” which translates to “Lion of Andhra”.
  3. Inspired by Bipin Chandra Pal’s speeches, He gave up his legal practice and took the satyagraha pledge.

Daring Prakasam Panthulu

  • He showed exemplary courage during the Simon Commission’s visit to Madras while retrieving the body of a demonstrator who had been shot dead by the police.
  • Despite police warning that protestors would be shot, he bared his chest and moved forward to retrieve the corpse.

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