Tropical Storm Ma-On

Tropical Storm Ma-On view from earth
  • Tropical Storm Ma-on was a strong tropical cyclone that impacted the Philippines in August 2022.
  • It is known in the Philippines as Severe Tropical Storm Florita.

Origin, Strength and Dissipation of Tropical Storm Ma-On

  • Ma-on originated as a disturbance in the Pacific Ocean on August 18 and was upgraded to a tropical depression during the next day.
  • The depression strengthened into a tropical storm receiving the name Ma-on and became a severe tropical storm late on August 23 before making landfall in the Philippines.
  • It would later make landfall in China and Vietnam on August 25.
  • Ma-on weakened back to depression due to unfavourable and dissipated on August 26, 2022.

Damages and Effects

  • The storm caused moderate damage in the Philippines, China and Vietnam.

Why in news?

  • Recently, a tropical storm hit the northern Philippines, injuring at least three people and displacing thousands.
    • Authorities then closed schools and government offices in several provinces, including the capital, where flooding and landslides were likely.


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