Abyssinian Cat

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  • Abyssinian Cat was a cat bred in England and soon became a popular breed in Europe and America.
  • These cats are considered to be the most intelligent, highly curious, and energetic.

What’s in a name?

  • These friendly smart cats earned their name in the 19th century when British soldiers fighting in Abyssinia (modern-day Ethiopia) brought home kittens bought from local traders.

Appearance and Features

  • These are medium-sized cats that have dark, usually reddish-brown coats with distinctive ‘ticked patterns’ (dark and light shading).
  • They have almond-shaped eyes that are gold, green, hazel, or copper in colour and perky ears.
  • They have slender and fine-boned bodies and their triangular faces have M-shaped marks.
  • They explore their surroundings endlessly and seem to show absolutely no fear.
  • Since they love heights, they perch on the highest spots in the house.
  • They love bird-watching and have been known to befriend other cats, dogs, birds, and ferrets.

Abyssinian cat as a pet

  • They enjoy human contact and tend to get upset if left alone and not given attention.
  • They get along best with children.
  • The Aby, as these cats are affectionately named, make lovely pets.
  • They are especially good at training people to do what they want!

Sources: Wikipedia

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