Forensic evidence

Forensic evidence
  • Forensic evidence is any evidence which can make investigators identify the criminal easily.
  • Some major categories of forensic evidence are
    • DNA,
    • Fingerprints, and
    • Bloodstain pattern analysis.
  • It is helpful in helping solve the most violent and brutal of cases, as well as completely non-violent issues related to crimes such as fraud and hacking.

Latest News

  • 31 August 2022: Delhi Police has become the first police force in the country to make the collection of forensic evidence mandatory in crimes punishable by more than six years.
    • Key Highlights
  • A forensic mobile van: will be allotted to each district to provide scientific and forensic assistance whenever any need arises.
    • These forensic mobile vans shall not be under the administrative control of the police but shall be an independent entity responsible to the court of law.
  • The order was issued hours after Union Home Minister Amit Shah visited the Police Headquarters in Delhi.
  • Since Delhi is a Union Territory, its police force is under the administrative control of the Ministry of Home Affairs.


  1. The Hindu

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